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I had a weird dream last night/this morning. I dreamt that my dad was the 5th member of The Beatles and we had to go to some strange reunion picnic and George and Paul were there with their families...Dhani Harrison was there...I love him...Anyway, there really was no point to the whole thing. But obviously George was still alive and Paul was still with Heather Mills and their daughter (Beatrice?) was there and she was bugging the hell out of me. I was telling Erin about this dream and she was like "what do you think it means?" and I said "that I hate Paul McCartney's daughter as much as I hate him?" stupid, I know, haha. And then it turned into this weird thing where I was at one of those Old Timey photo places, you know, the ones with the costumes and the weird backdrops. And then I was making out with Adam Sandler. I think drinking Chamomile tea with honey before bed is fucking with my mind, haha. And I totally said 'weird' too much in all of that. Okay, so it was just like 3 times, but 3 times is enough.

Anyway, I've been thinking that I might take piano lessons in the fall. I've been getting this urge to make music, but since my fingers are too fat and short for the guitar, I'll try my hand at playing the piano. I think, since my dad plays the keyboards, it'll come more naturally to me. And also I've really been getting more into piano-driven rock, so I think it'll work out better for me.

There's a reason though why I want to take up the piano all of a sudden. I keep mentioning the forture teller I saw the other day, and here's another thing he said: he told me I'm meant to use my voice. Not only do I need to use it to speak up for myself, I need to use it to sing. That's what he said. I'm meant to sing. I told him I'm not that great though, haha. But anyway, yesterday when I was walking into work, I thought of a name I'd perform under, if it ever came to that, and then last night as I was driving home from work, I was listening to an old Blink 182 song and thought it would be amazing if played on the piano and slowed down a bit. So after I get home from work and from Tim's tonight, I intend on grabbing one of my dad's keyboards and figuring it out by myself. It won't be so hard. When I was like 10 I was able to figure out how to play Janet Jackson's "Again." So maybe I wasn't 10, but I was around that age. And of course, I couldn't play it with all the chords and stuff, but I got the basics down. So anyway, I'll let you guess which Blink 182 song I'm thinking of! :)

And I'm also pissed right now cause I just found out that the only way you can use GarageBand is if you have a Mac. What the hell? Guess I'll just have to save up like $1,300 so I can buy a freakin' MacBook. I mean, I've wanted one and all, but I never actually had a reason to want one. And now I do. And that kind of pisses me off. Probably because without a reason I couldn't justify buying one. Oh well, haha.

I guess I don't have much else to add for today...except that I don't want to go to Tim's tonight since it feels like it's Friday since I don't have to work tomorrow, but I skipped out on training on Tuesday because I was sick so I need to go tonight. I know I'll feel better after I go and just get it done...but just the thought of that damn calorie burning program on the treadmill...oh god...I don't think I can do it tonight. Thank god that's usually the first thing I do. I'd prefer to not do that though. I'd rather be on the elliptical for twice as long, just to avoid the treadmill. Oh well. I really should stop bitching about it because the longer that goes on, the less I'm gonna want to go tonight. And I need to. I have to.

Something else I need and have to do is stop writing and get some work done. So in the event that I have nothing to post tonight or tomorrow, I hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth of July!! :)

PS - Erin just told me that she's getting a MacBook and that it's in the mail now...ugh. I'm so jealous!! haha


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Jul. 4th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
That's a very strange dream, hahaha. Were you watching anything Beatles realted before you went to sleep?

That's cool about learning the piano again! I'd love to learn, but alas, my keyboard is at my dad's and I don't think I'll be getting it back, haha. I'm still waiting to have my step-dad's friend tune and re-string my guitar, so I can attempt to learn.

I want a MacBook too! I almost bought one when I got this, and it would have been about the same, but for some reason I didn't, haha.
Jul. 4th, 2008 03:27 am (UTC)
The only thing is that I was reading an article from the latest issue of Nylon about Dhani Harrison...but that was waaaaay before I went to bed! And then I didn't even have the dream until sometime after 6:30 am cause I woke up then went back to bed...It was just odd!

If you have a guitar store in your area, you can just take it there to have it restringed! Strings are pretty cheap and if you take your guitar in, they shouldn't have a problem with putting them on for you! :)
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