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I'm in a Dawson's Creek kind-of mood today, so here are some quiz thingies from The N that I took...Go to the site and take them too and post your results in a comment!! :)

You're a practical, honest, small-town girl, but you possess the cynical sarcasm of someone with lots of life experience. People you've trusted have let you down in the past, and now you build emotional walls (or roll your eyes and refuse to take things seriously) to protect yourself from rumors and pain. You just want a place to feel safe, a place where you can climb a ladder, crawl through a window, and know that you are loved. You see yourself as the "too-tall girl from the wrong side of the creek," and you get a little jealous of people you think have easier lives, but ultimately, nothing will keep you from accomplishing your goals. In romantic situations, you're afraid of what might happen if you follow your heart. You pressure yourself to make decisions with your brain, even if doing the "smart" thing sometimes tears you up inside.

Instead of sharing Katie Holmes' personality traits, you're more like Joey Potter, the fictional character she played on Dawson's Creek. For an innocent, small-town girl, you're surprisingly cynical. When you like someone, you tend to hide your affection behind sarcastic insults. You don't show your sensitive, romantic side to many people. You're intelligent and practical, but sometimes your impulsive side takes control and sends you off on wild adventures, like a sailing trip with a guy you love. Who needs Tom Cruise when you can spend the entire summer on a sailboat with Pacey?

Okay, so those are the only quizzes they have. I was not aware that there were only two when I started this entry, haha. Oh well! Looks like I'm a Joey Potter through and through, even I didn't know that could be an outcome!


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Jul. 30th, 2008 05:13 pm (UTC)
Hey i owuld have dated yah mon amie *nods muchly* but hehe livieng out in whyoming and in Maine that has become an distant dream yes yes *pomkes you* wake upa nd drop me an line fomr time to time or do i gatta track yah down to bug yah ? lol
Jul. 30th, 2008 06:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah...um, that subject wasn't something that I've ever thought, or at least would say out loud. That was a Joey Potter quote from Dawson's Creek.

And no need to track me down...I'm just rarely online...and I never go on AIM anymore cause I don't feel like sitting at computer after I get home from work cause all I do at work is sit at a computer. So yeah, AIM is not something I'm really interested in anymore.
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